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husband ∙ father ∙ antifascist ∙ metalhead ∙ vinyl enthusiast ∙ member of the satanic temple ∙ beerdrinker & hellraiser ∙ mixture of johnny bravo and bernd das brot

born 1978 ∙ length 6'4" ∙ married 2014 ∙ father 2015 + 2017
erfurt ∙ thuringia ∙ germany ∙ europe ∙ world
mastodonblueskyinstagram (private/vinyl)discogslast.fm
songwhip share:
iOS shortcut to create a songwhip.com link via the iOS share-sheet to share your favourite music.
download: songwhip share (23 kB)
[obsidian] add daily note
iOS shortcut to add content to or create a daily note. (you have to adjust the path to your daily notes folder)
download: [obsidian] add daily note (23 kB)
[obsidian] capture to do
iOS shortcut to add a new task to a to do list. (you have to adjust the path to your todo.md)
download: [obsidian] capture to do (23 kB)

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Last update: January 11th, 2024